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  1. Recipes & Food Development – Taking your recipes and food ideas to the NEXT LEVEL!
  2. Chef Joseph’s for Kids Workshops – Teaching our youth how to visualize and build their businesses starting at a young age! You may schedule each event individually or as a package.
  3. Entrepreneur Boot camps – Interactive “Step-by-Step” teaching on “Developing your Entrepreneur Abilities, Business Ideas, and Business Structures.

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Chef Joseph's The Entrepreneur Guide


Hello, my name is Darrell

Along my journey I have met many people who have created great food products or had a great idea for a food product. But unfortunately, they did not know what it takes or had the determination and the courage to getting their food product or products from their kitchen to the retail market.

If you are determined with the power of belief and serious enough, these are some of the things that you must consider. There are hundreds, thousands, and perhaps millions of people who have done so. My sole purpose of this material is to give you a step by step process of what it will take to get your food product or products from your kitchen to becoming “Market Ready”. What is contained in this book will give you the “General Blueprint” and will save you time and hundreds of hours of leg work.

These are the steps that I went through along with my personal hands on experience and is a proven system that I used to Build and Brand my company and I’m sure it will be very helpful to you.

Let’s get started!


N E W   R E L E A S E

Chef Joseph’s Hot Kicker Kick Sauce

Chef Joseph’s Hot Kicker Kick Sauce with an estimated 180,000 scoville units! This product has
triple the heat than our original “Hot Kick Sauce” and is packed with flavor, heat, and intensity! This product is vegan-friendly.

Chef Joseph’s for Kids

Tomorrow’s future is in the hands of the next generation of youth; young “Innovative Entrepreneurs” who will be picking up the torch where we left off. Having been equipped, infused and designed to handle “Futuristic Technology,” coupled with opportunities not available to prior generations; these young entrepreneurs have a great future ahead of them, where the sky is the limit.

As such, it is incredibly important that their gifts and talents be harnessed and developed in a concentrated safe environment; one that encourages identification of their purpose and accomplishment their mission through proper mentorship. Our young entrepreneur “Kidpreneurs Program” is designed for youth ages of 7-16. The program is a high-interest workshop that includes interactive stories of other young “Kidpreneurs” who have attained high levels of success!

If you are a parent and see that your child has a unique creative ability, anointed gift, or has a desire for innovation in business, and you want to see that gift developed in your child, consider registering or setting up one of our “Chef Joseph’s for Kids Workshops” through your church, ministry, or youth group organization. Do it for them and their future: a future that can be bright and filled with the hope and promises that have been granted to them!

Chef Joseph’s Presents

The Adventures of Bam – A Six-Part Series Comic Book Pack