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Chef Joseph’s All Natural Ginger Lime Ginger Drink


Chef Joseph’s 20 oz. Ginger Lime Ginger Drink. Made with Ginger, Lime, Turbinado Sugar, & Alkaline Water.


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Made with Real Ginger Roots (and thus has a slight Ginger Bite), Lime, Turbinado (Brown Sugar), & Alkaline Water! Our Cold Pressed Ginger Drinks are freshly made, frozen, and shipped to you in a 20 oz bottle! This is a Cold Pressed Ginger Drink!

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We also offer “Ginger and Alkaline Water Seminars” designed to help educate you on the health benefits of incorporating Ginger & Alkaline Water into your daily life. You or your organization can book a seminar event by emailing us at

Legal Disclaimer: This Ginger Drink product has not been pasteurized or evaluated and or tested by the (FDA) Food and Drug Administration and is considered to be a raw cold pressed product therefore, the Chef Josephs Kick Sauce LLC Company cannot make any claims that this or any of its products are able to cure, treat, or prevent any physical ailment or disease. Any claims regarding this product are supported by research, as well as, testimonies of those who have taken Ginger and / or Alkaline Water and have reported amazing results. If you or any other persons have any medical concerns, you should consult a your registered physician or health care provider. Women that are lactating and or pregnant, should consult with their health health care provider before taking this product.

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